Homework, Term papers, Writing Assignments, Bachelor- and Master Thesis and more

Meet our AI ghost­writing assistant – for term papershomeworksresearch papersbachelor thesismaster thesisdissertationsessays!

We train your chatbot with up to 500 documents so that you can use it as an assistant for any writing assignment!

We crafted a chatbot solution for all writers that need to get things done:

  • Extensive training data possible – up to 500 documents (about 3000 pages) as docs, excel, txt, webpages, and much more
  • Specifically trained for assisting with writing assignments
  • Prompt cheat sheet along with your chatbot for best outputs
  • Chatgpt 4.0 only for most precise outputs
  • Unlimited requests/month
Chatbot Quellen

It is like having a knowledgable tutor right at your side that helps you with everything for your paper.

A flexible Knowledgebase that really works

The ultimate AI Knowledgebase for your papers

As a specialist in designing chatbots, we manually make sure, that our ghostwriter assistant is as capable as possible to comprehend all your uploaded data. Also, our prompt engineers tailor the capabilities specifically for your needs.

Best bot-technology

We provide the best chatbot technology, available, powered by LLM chatgpt 4.0 only.

Optimized for writing

Our chatbot solution is optimized for being a writing assistant to your assignment.

Competence tested

We make sure, your content is understood and you get most out of your documents.

Prompt cheat sheet

We prepare a prompt cheat sheet for you so you know how to get most out of your knowledgebase.

What you can do with our amazing bot

Everything you need for your writing assignments!

Create outlines and table of contents
Summarize or expand subjects
Extract facts in paragraphs
Compare facts in different sources
Output in paragraphs, whole text, tables and more
and get startet immediately!
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increased productivity
decreased time
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